Whichever you choose: shared hosting or hosting special??

Shared Hosting are best suited for small sites, blogs, and sites that will not be the size of its visitors a great general, and hosting allocated are to be renting a cheap windows vps of (surfer) special, a dedicated device to embrace the location of the customer and keep it available to visitors throughout the day and night, without any stops, and this feature site allows all device exclusivity resources (processor, memory, disk, and etc.) and do not challenge him on this one machine, then it becomes a fast opening and able to accommodate hundreds of thousands of daily visitors.

But the problem of hosting special they are expensive in price, where the cost of the cheapest hosting plan, especially in the month, the cost of shared hosting in the full year, and prices vary according to the plans, dedicated servers hardware specifications, the more the device is more efficient was the most expensive month in rent.

There is a kind middle ground between shared hosting and hosting own a hosting distributed, where they are loaded device server number of sites less than what endures in shared hosting and the speed of the site better, and more importantly, that the owner of the site is given special powers can it be controlled in part by whatever he wants.

Is used for the number of visitors daily to the site and type of software on the site to find out what type of hosting required, if the number of visitors daily a few do not need the site then only for shared hosting unusual, and the greater the number of visitors to the site per day required update and upgrade subscription and move to the hosting plans distributed or private.

Mostly, tolerant hosting shared between 10 to 30 thousand visitors daily, and based this figure on the type of program the compound within the site, if the site is a page of text do not use databases, for example, they are tolerant up to 30 thousand visitors daily without problems (approximation) ,, but if there was a program (a forum or a blog, for example) and this program is full of additions and scripts that weigh from the shoulders of the server and the number is at least tolerant hosting may not even ten thousand visitors daily.

Bottom line: If you saw the owner of the site that its spread more and more popularity and increasing its visitors so they would recite to ten thousand visitors daily and the number is increasing daily, it is worth it serious thought then to relocate to host distributed or private, and when he finds out that hosting has become not fit, or that the company began calling in Jump in order to then move stems Active successes in space.